Agricultural Crop Monitoring

Case study agriculture crop monitoring

Crop monitoring solution delivering real-time information about weather, air and soil parameters used to properly calibrate irrigation, pest control, and optimal scheduling of agricultural works.

The solution is providing the following features for farmers:

storing and retrieving information about devices and users

Real-time data about soil temperature and moisture, and atmospheric conditions organized on plot lands, helping farmers to get the real status of the crop environment.

iot based building management

Storing, retrieving and analysis of the collected data, used for insights regarding crop evolution and procedures improvement.

iot fiscal report

Notifications about the status of soil and air parameters generating the need for irrigation, pesticide use or performing specific fieldwork.

data visualization online

Access to the data and visualization from any place and any time.

Device functionalities:

  • Designed to fulfill LPWAN requirements, using performant MCUs with low power consumption.
  • Communication from the field to the cloud using NB-IoT or LoRaWAN technologies
  • Long battery life, versions with a reduced number of sensors does not require solar charging.
  • High accurate and low power consumption sensors for atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity, and for soil temperature and moisture; optional: volumetric soil water content used for irrigation control; leaf-level humidity and UV radiation for the crops requiring these parameters monitoring.
  • IP67 enclosures with a small footprint for easy installation and safety.

App functionalities:

  • Real-time data visualization using a rich graphical user interface: maps, time series charts, gauges, tables with easy to use selection and zoom in plot lands or specific devices, information about devices functional status.
  • 24×7 data storage of all measured parameters, in a cloud-based document database, data retrieve and analysis on the different selection and search criteria.
  • Farm asset level organization of data in parallel to the devices one.
  • Alarms sent via e-mail and mobile notification about environment or soil conditions requiring action from farmer’s side and about devices’ status like low battery or not sending data for a period.
  • Data download on specific formats or to a cold path database.
  • Secure user authentication and selective rights for data access.
  • Accessible from any web-capable device.