Transportation Ready to use IOT Solution

A web-based solution for Remote Monitoring and Control of Taximeters in compliance with the Fiscal Regulations


Features for the Equipment’s Producer,
Distributors and End-Users:

storing and retrieving information about devices and users

Storing & Retrieving information about devices operations and users

iot based building management

Facilities for remote device configuration

iot fiscal report

Regular fiscal reporting

data visualization online

On-line data Visualization

(including geolocation, status and parameters of the devices)

Device functionalities:

  • Measures distance, speed and running time using a wheel sensor
  • Course tracking using different tariffs
  • Geo-location via GPS (optional)
  • Device-lamp pairing, avoiding lamp stolen
  • GPRS data transmission
  • Data stored in SD-card, encrypted
  • Incorporated printer for fiscal receipt and received messages
  • Remote configuration of device
  • Unique digital certificated device loaded, registered with fiscal authorities
  • Generated and sent to app server the monthly Z-report required by fiscal authorities
  • Continuous sending identification message (each 10 sec) to app server containing IMEI, serial number and GPS coordinates
  • Bluetooth communication with a near-by PC, used as a back-up for GPRS communication, too
  • The device is MCU controlled, has an LCD, a printer, encryption processor, memory and fiscal memory, GPS, GPRS, and Bluetooth chips and SD-card storage

App functionalities:

  • Users authentication via username and password
  • Provides required audit data about users and operations
  • Device assignation to each distributor and data storage
  • Provides on-line device status
  • Assure remote device programming and configuration, stores device configuration history
  • Records and store information about device end-users, including fiscal requirements
  • Remote device fiscal initialization
  • Process Z-report received from the device and generated the report in the form required by fiscal authorities
  • Assure app subscriptions monitoring and related device lock/unlock
  • Provide on-line information about device status, parameters, and locations
  • On-line display of vehicle geolocation on map
  • AMQP application communication protocol used

Planned future development:

storing and retrieving information about devices and users

Dispatcher application for taxi companies

storing and retrieving information about devices and users

Mobile App for taxi consumers