iot in transportation

Our solutions are using IoT technology to help you remotely monitor and control production and service facilities and flows.

It offers real-time information about the status of the operations. You can enrich the features of the products and services and increase efficiency through informed decisions.

iot in transportation


Fiscal Taximeters – Remote Monitoring & Control

The solution is fulfilling the requirements of the financial regulations and is offering features for the equipment’s producer, distributors, and end-users.



storing and retrieving information about devices and users

Storing & Retrieving information about devices operations and users

iot based building management

Facilities for remote device configuration

iot fiscal report

Regular fiscal reporting

data visualization online

On-line data Visualization

(including geolocation and taximeter status and parameters.)

Trucks Monitoring

The solution offers valuable insights about the trucks and about the loads.

Real time information about the trucks

  • Geo-location
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Mileage
  • Technical parameters of the car

Real time information about the loads

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Any other relevant measurement specific or critical for the type of the load.

Additional Feature:

Acces to historical data to be used for proving load safety during transport and analysis basis for optimization of the transporter operations. Data is visualized in real-time, organized in geographical maps with routes.


Crop monitoring

The solutions are designed to help farmers better monitor the crops and to schedule the field operation, optimize vehicles utilizations and store grains more safely.

Crop monitoring via sensors

The solution helps to improve performance and procedures. Data extraction helps to properly calibrate irrigation, pest control, and optimal scheduling of agricultural works.

Real time data about Parameters:

  • Weather
  • Air
  • Soil

Additional Feature:

Acces to historical data for analysis & operational improvement.

Agriculture vehicles monitoring

Real time data

  • Geo-Position
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Record of the operations effectuated by the fleet

Additional Feature:

Acces to historical data for analysis & operational improvement.

Retail and Distribution

Our solutions for retail and distribution monitor refrigerated vending machines spread in different locations.

  • It keeps a record of the temperature and humidity inside the refrigerator
  • The stock of existing products
  • The functional status of the vending machine, including its position.
  • An operator can send remote commands to the machine to assure operation within required parameters
  • The solution sends alarms about the change of the machine position and dangerous operational parameters

Additional Feature:

Offers integration with the business application for recording stock of goods or maintenance operations for each machine.

Warehouses and buildings monitoring

Our solution for warehousing and building monitoring provides on-demand telemetry on specific parameters, required to be measured by asset operations and a set of remote commands to be sent by a central operator, to keep the operational parameters under control or provide access control.

  • Rich on-line data visualization of the measured parameters
  • Status of access control devices
  • Operational data, organized in geographical maps or building plans.

Additional Feature:

Acces to historical data for analysis & operational improvement.